​​          Thirty-five  years ago, a young housewife and mother named Gayle Schluter, (now Gayle Harrison),  was looking for a career that would enable her to work from home.  She found the perfect trade with upholstery!  It gave her a good income while still being completely involved with her kids’ lives.  

           Two of her children, Terry and Jeff,  spent their days at her upholstery shop and were raised working on the projects.  In the 1990's Gayle named her business Touch and Sew Custom Interiors and located to the Venice Airport doing solely aircraft interiors.  Jeff worked on the upholstery projects and Terry worked on the bookkeeping.  Jeff married his high school sweetheart, Robin Schluter.   Robin begin sewing at age 16 and she has the natural gift for upholstery.  She was trained by Gayle, ventured and worked for other upholstery industries, and now has 15 years experience as an upholsterer.  Robin does amazing work and her upholstery standards are high and precise.  

         From 2012 to 2016 the upholstery business was named "AeroNaut Upholstery Solutions" located in Venice, FL.  AeroNaut expanded the types of upholstered services offered to include marine, hot rod, automobile, and RV interiors, while also doing aircraft interiors.   In 2016 the team decided to go back to their roots, focusing more on aircraft, while also offering upholstery solutions for yachts and hot rods, proudly naming the business "Full Throttle Aircraft Interiors".  The company is owned and operated by Gayle's children, Terry Nichols, Jeff Schluter and Robin Schluter.

 Welcome to Full Throttle!  We offer high quality custom upholstery for high-end jobs.  We take particular pride in being an honest family business whose standards have never been compromised and whose work has always been admired.   We love what we do and we do it well!  Upholstery is more than a career, it's a passion!

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