Marine interiors are special to us.  The colors, the pezazz!  The vibe on the water is different than any other! We are Florida raised and have enjoyed this unique atmosphere our entire lives.  One of our favorite challenges is wrapping that tropical "baja"  feel with luxury and/or sport.  Using our abundant textiles, we can provide you with a personalized interior for your yacht or boat. 

While accomplishing your upholstery, we can also contract other local skilled tradesmen to construct your interior, such as:

  • custom cabinetry
  • electronics/sound systems, lighting
  • custom flooring
  • gel-coating/painter
  • interior designer consultation

We can do the scheduling and footwork for your convenience and cover all of your refurbishing needs!  

Call us at 941-621-8351 for a free no-obligations estimate.